arabian nights 2018

Arabian Nights is a contemporary version of the homonym literary classic. Directed by Leandro Romano and written by Gabriela Giffoni and Luiz Antonio Ribeiro, the play is divided into 33 unique sessions where, each night, Sherazade tells one story of the original book intertwined with current testimonies of Arab refugees. Only the prologue is repeated to makes a link between the sessions: the princess' trajectory in deceiving the king to postpone her death.


"Much of the research we have done in the company goes against the notion of theatre as a repetition. Our work seeks to explore, whenever possible, the idea of the ​​'unique session', providing the audience with the living of an experience that will not be repeated, "says the director.


In addition to the book's stories, the play aims to bring Brazil and the Middle East closer together through scenes that discuss the Arab Spring and allude to the power struggle in Brazilian politics. The material used to compose this dramaturgy is based in interviews with refugees who currently live in Rio de Janeiro, and alludes to the coinciding one thousand and one days of the Michel Temer government.


"In times of narrative disputes, ideological polarization and fake news, we realize that we are not as far from the Syrian crisis as we think we are. If in the book Sherazade tries to persuade the King to free her from death, in the stage she challenges the audience to face urgent issues of contemporary society", he concludes.


In the play, Sherazade is performed by Adassa Martins, Clarisse Zarvos, Elsa Romero, Julia Bernat and Larissa Siqueira share the role of the famous storyteller. Bernardo Marinho, Gabriel Vaz, João Rodrigo Ostrower, Pedro Henrique Müller and Romulo Galvão complete the cast.


Conception and direction: Leandro Romano

Dramaturgy and adaptation: Gabriela Giffoni and Luiz Antonio Ribeiro

Cast: Adassa Martins, Bernardo Marinho, Clarisse Zarvos, Elsa Romero, Gabriel Vaz, João Rodrigo Ostrower, Julia Bernat, Larissa Siqueira, Pedro Henrique Müller and Romulo Galvão

Set Design: Elsa Romero

Light Design: Gaia Catta

Costumes: Lia Maia

Original soundtrack: Felipe Ventura and Gabriel Vaz

Direction Assistance: Luciana Novak

Video and social media: Júlia Sarraf

Theoretical consultancy: Mamede Mustafa Jarouche

Translation of interviews and consultancy on Arabic culture: Hadi Bakkour

Art Design: Chris Lima / Evolutiva Estúdio

Press Office: Lyvia Rodrigues / Aquela que Divulga

Direction of production: Ana Barros

Executive production: Bel Sangirardi


Arabian Nights is a Teatro Voador Não Identificado production

© 2019 by teatro voador não identificado

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