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the trial 2014

The Trial is based on the Franz Kafka´s homonymous book. In the original novel, the main character, Josef K., is arrested and prosecuted by a remote, inaccessible authority, with the nature of his crime revealed neither to him nor to the reader. In the play, this same condition is used as a scenic device: the actor who lives the K. role enters the scene without ever having rehearsed or seen the play. In this way, at each performance, a new actor is invited to be Josef K., This adaptation intends to update Kafka’s work for theatre using its critical and political content also in the structure of the play. In this way, the performance proposes to explore a kind of acting where the invited actor has to deal with elements of surprise. After all, who is at the mercy of whom? The cast, who needs to continue the play even though one of the actors doesn’t know how to do it? Or the guest actor, who, like Josef K., needs to defend himself without knowing how? The play finds in the Brazilian current political moment (post-impeachment) a unique opportunity to reflect about the abuses of power and the impotence of the contemporary man in front of the blind bureaucracies of the system. The play was nominated for the Shell Award 2015 in the Innovation Category for the scenic device proposition, which reveals the exercise of the actors in creation, in addition to updating the story of Kafka.

The play debuted in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in November 2014.



Conception: Leandro Romano and Luiz Antonio Ribeiro

Direction: Leandro Romano

Dramaturgy: Luiz Antonio Ribeiro (based on Franz Kafka’s book)

Cast: Amanda Grimaldi, Cirillo Luna, Daniel Passi, Gabriel Vaz, Larissa Siqueira da Cunha and Pedro Henrique Müller

Set design: Elsa Romero

Costume and light design: Gaia Catta and Lia Maia

Original soundtrack: Felipe Ventura and Gabriel Vaz

Directing assistance: Julia Bernat

Art assistance: Fernando Blauth Klipel

Casting: Renata Magalhães

Theoretical consultancy: Danrlei de Freitas

The Trial is a Teatro Voador Não Identificado production.



Dramaturgy (Only in Portuguese)

Project (Only in Portuguese)

Rider (Only in Portuguese)

Photos (by Clarissa Appelt and Felipe Xavier)

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guest actors

by season


Teatro Dulcina, RJ (Mostra Hífen)

Diogo Liberano


Sede das Cias, RJ

Alcemar Vieira

Bernardo Marinho

Charles Fricks

Fábio Porchat

George Sauma

Gregorio Duvivier

João Pedro Zappa

João Rodrigo Ostrower

João Velho

Johnny Massaro

Leandro Soares

Márcio Vito

Maria Eduarda de Carvalho

Pablo Sanábio

Pedro Henrique Monteiro

Renato Linhares


Teatro Ipanema, RJ

Armando Babaioff

Du Moscovis

Julio Adrião

Mateus Solano

Rafael Infante


Teatro Candido Mendes, RJ

Álamo Facó

Isaac Bernat

Michel Blois

Miguel Thiré

Stella Rabello


Teatro Eva Herz, RJ 

Fernando Caruso

Igor Angelkorte

João Vicente de Castro

Leticia Isnard

Lilia Cabral

Luis Lobianco

Paulo Verlings

Teatro Eva Herz, RJ

Augusto Madeira

Bemvindo Sequeira

Bruce Gomlevsky

Erico Bras

Felipe Rocha

Jesuita Barbosa

Karine Telles

Marcelo Tas

Nicola Lama

Teatro da Caixa, PR

Luiz Bertazzo

Nena Inoue

Uyara Torrente

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