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Rio de Janeiro, 22 March 2018

The theatre we imagine for the future (and that we seek to concretize in the present) takes into consideration ten fundamental points. This theatre is:


01. Experimental

because it is the only way to find the unknown


02. Experiential

because there is no theatre without the physical presence of the spectator


03. Open

because we don't need to have the final word


04. Non-gender

because we don't want to lock ourselves in


05. Multi referential

because we want to be available to the world


06. Temporal

because we are alive and we want to talk to those who also are


07. Minimalist

because - we have to always remember - less is more


08. Popular and erudite

because we refuse to exclude anyone


09. Political

because form is politics


10. Theatrical

because it wouldn't be possible to use any tool other than the theatre

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