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shuffle 2012

Shuffle is an aesthetic and dramaturgical research about the relation between order and randomness in the contemporary world. Creating an experimental structure, the play is a double theatre adaptation of the novel “The Stranger” by Albert Camus and the short story “Shuffle” by Luiz Antonio Ribeiro (also the playwriight of this play). The premise: a man gets an iPod Shuffle (a music player launched by Apple Inc. whose model only allows the songs to be played randomly), and the use of the device transforms his actions into direct consequences of the emotions caused by listening to the songs. In Shuffle, the same mechanisms of the iPod Shuffle are used to compose text and scene: the play is divided in ten fragments. For each fragment, a title song. These are executed at random by the iPod itself during the presentation, and the actor has to deal with the exposure of the scene that, each day, has a different order. This proposal suggests a reflection about the clash between man and technology and intends, from a distanced look, to highlight the consequences of this relationship.

The play debuted in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in September 2012.



Conception and direction: Leandro Romano

Co-direction: Julia Bernat

Dramaturgy: Luiz Antonio Ribeiro

Cast: Gabriel Vaz

Set and light design: Elsa Romero and Isadora Petrauskas

Costume design: Anna Cecília Cabral

Vocal preparation: Julia Bernat

Body preparation: Ana Rios

Sound editing: Jayme Monsanto

Direction assistance: Luiz Antonio Ribeiro

Art assistance: Gaia Catta and Lia Maia

Theoretical consultancy: Danrlei de Freitas

Shuffle is a Teatro Voador Não Identificado production.



Dramaturgy (Only in Portuguese)

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