real time 2013

Created during the artistic residence CoIsA with the supervision of the Brazilian director Jefferson Miranda (ciateatroautônomo), Real Time is a play about the present moment. The challenge is to bring to the scene, through the Internet, information about what is happening in the world during the presentation of the piece. For this, the actors use tablets and inform the public news and data of different species: people who leave or die, traffic situation, accidents, curiosities, astral plane etc. As a backdrop, Julia Bernat’s dramaturgy traces the relations of simultaneity that emerge in the contemporary world. Besides technology, Real Time makes explicit the present moment. After all, would not this be the raw material of theatre?

The play debuted in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in October 2013.



Conception and direction: Leandro Romano

Dramaturgy: Julia Bernat

Cast: Alonso Zerbinato and Diana Herzog

Set and light design: Elsa Romero and Isadora Petrauskas

Costume Design: Gaia Catta

Directing assistance and supervision of dramaturgy: Luiz Antonio Ribeiro

Art assistance: Lia Maia

Theoretical consultancy: Leonardo Munk

Conception supervision: Jefferson Miranda

Real Time is a Teatro Voador Não Identificado production.



Dramaturgy (Only in Portuguese)

Tempo Real
Tempo Real
Tempo Real
Tempo Real
Tempo Real
Tempo Real
Tempo Real (ensaio)
Tempo Real (ensaio)

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