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who we are

We are a theatre company from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that has been developing research in the areas of contemporary dramaturgy and theatrical aesthetics since 2011. Our works are characterized by the idea of unique sessions (showing the potentialities of the ephemeral) and, propose scenic experiences that consider the physical presence of the spectator in the theatrical space, through a language that often interweaves elements of fiction and reality.


The company consists of nine artists who are divided into different roles: Elsa Romero, Gabriel Vaz, Gaia Catta, Isadora Petrauskas, Julia Bernat, Leandro Romano, Lia Maia, Luiz Antonio Ribeiro and Pedro Henrique Müller.


Our most recent projects include THE TRIAL (2014), based on Franz Kafka's book, a play for which the company was nominated for the Shell Award in the Innovation category (the most important theatre award of Brazil). Featuring a different guest star in each performance, the play was attended by important contemporary artists (Gregorio Duvivier, Charles Fricks, Lilia Cabral, Julio Adrião, Fabio Porchat, Mateus Solano, among others) over six successful seasons in Rio de Janeiro and in Curitiba. Recently, the company debuted its seventh show, ARABIAN NIGHTS, an adaptation of the Arabic classic. Telling a different story everyday, the dramaturgy counts with more than 1000 written pages, divided into 33 presentations.


The first show of the company, THE WEAK POINT (2011), was performed several times within the university circuit, providing debates with theatre students and teachers. In 2012, we were selected for the artistic residence Vem! (at Centro Cultural Calouste Gulbenkian, Rio de Janeiro), where we received support for the conceptualization of SHUFFLE. Later that year (2014) the show would be considered one of the main attractions of FIT Rio (International Theatre Festival of Rio de Janeiro). Also in 2012, the company presented itself at the Mostra Minimalista (Petrópolis, Brazil) with SONO (or TEMPORARY SUSPENSION OF SENSORY AND MOTOR PERCEPTION), and was the winning scene of that festival. In the following year, the company participated in the CoIsA Project (Reduto, Rio de Janeiro), where we received the artistic supervision of the director Jefferson Miranda in the creation of REAL TIME (2013), a play that debuted at FITU (a theatre festival of the Unirio University), and was presented at FESTU (a theatre festival of the PUC-Rio University) and in various theatres in the city of Rio de Janeiro.


In 2016, the company debuted the monologue THE EXTRA, played by Pedro Henrique Müller, at Sesc Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro). In 2017, the company has its first international experience with the solo LAST COMMON ANCESTOR, in Porto, Portugal, a play written, directed and performed by Leandro Romano. Currently, the group works on new projects, with no defined debut date yet.

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