the extra 2016

The monologue, with Pedro Henrique Müller, tells the ironic story of an actor who, against his own desire, ends up becoming an extra. From this moment, the play points to a cyclical abyss of metalanguage and repetition, resulting from an investigation of the effects of recursion (in particular the Droste Effect, the repetition of a smaller image within the image itself) in theatrical creation. Thus and so, the extra is invited to act in a play called “The Extra” which tells the story of an extra who is invited to act in a play called “The Extra” and so on.

The play debuted in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in July 2016.


Direction: Leandro Romano

Dramaturgy: Luiz Antonio Ribeiro

Cast: Pedro Henrique Müller

Conception: Leandro Romano, Luiz Antonio Ribeiro and Pedro Henrique Müller

Set design: Elsa Romero and Ianara Elisa

Light design: Lara Cunha

Costume design: Marina Dalgalarrondo

Original soundtrack: Felipe Ventura and Gabriel Vaz

Sound editing: LC Varella

Voices in off: José Mayer and Pedro Henrique Müller

Direction assistance: Luiz Antonio Ribeiro

Art design: Marcello Talone

The Extra is a Teatro Voador Não Identificado production.



Dramaturgy (Only in Portuguese)

Project (Only in Portuguese)

Rider (Only in Portuguese)

Photos (by Nan Giard)

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